Dr. Wali leaning on a metal shelving unit talking to a group of members in the Field Museum's anthropological collection
Excavation pit with equipment in the foreground, with a wheat field, windmills, and cloudless blue sky behind it
AnthroCircle members smiling and talking while arranging leaves to be printed on their hand-dyed scarves

Anthropology is for everyone!

AnthroCircle is a registered student organization at UW–Madison. We promote anthropology as an integrative and interdisciplinary study of humans and non-human primates. Our initiatives and promoted events include weekly meetings, on- and off-campus lectures, field trips and backstage museum tours, and programs such as Anthro Department Brown Bag Lecture Series. We also host annual fundraisers and participate in a variety of local outreach events.

Additionally, we are eager to help our members participate in research, internships, and professional development activities within the subfields of Anthropology. We collect a list of anthropology-related internships in Madison and across the world as well as information on summer field schools in all subfields and links to funding and grant application resources. If you have questions about these or other relevant opportunities can email us at anthrocircle@rso.wisc.edu or reach out to any of the officers in person!

Join AnthroCircle!

A group of AnthroCircle members posing with their freshly hand-dyed scarves

AnthroCircle’s membership is composed mainly of UW-Madison undergraduate and graduate students, but we welcome anyone with an interest in anthropology to join and participate! Students, faculty, and staff can easily sign up on our WIN page (this automatically adds you to our email list).

If you would like to join, but are not a student, we encourage you to use our contact form to get in touch with us.

If you are interested in setting up an event with AnthroCircle, please send an email to anthrocircle@rso.wisc.edu or use our contact form.


There are no upcoming events.

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